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  • 1889 Brunswick Novelty
  • 1889 Restored Legs
  • 1946 Brunswick Centenial
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Flood, Fire, Water Damage?

We repair pool tables

We offer complete pool table repairs, parts replacement and custom part fabrication. Worried your restoration company will damage your table?? Call us direct and we can assist in the insurance repair process.

Our intent with every restoration project is to offer clients an authentic, historically correct and aesthetically pleasing pool table or accessory at a fair price. Given our level of quality, concern for detail and time invested in each project, we will never be the lowest price restorer you will find. Conversely, we will never be the highest price restorer, either. An investment-quality antique pool table or accessory at a very competitive price level is our goal!

If you are interested in acquiring a pool table that has been previously restored, or having a table restored that you already possess, please contact us.



We pride ourselves on the quality of our antique pool table restorations. All restoration processes are done in-house at our Ortonville, MI location. Potential clients are invited to tour the shop to see actual restorations in progress. Because of our impeccable business reputation, clients usually pick an unrestored specimen and often visit to see the work in progress.

The Pool Table Guys also offer their restoration services to clients who have their own tables. We will perform ala carte restorations in accordance with the client's financial parameters. The Pool Table Guys are committed to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.


Need your Table relocated?

We Move and recover tables

We offer proper and professional complete door to door disassembly, moving, reassembly, and recovering of all brands and models of pool tables. In Most cases we can re-use you excisting cloth.